1. The Electrical Contractor should be acquainted with, and should work in accordance with the I.E.E. (Institution of Electrical Engineers) Regulations. A competent electrical contractor who works within the requirements helps a speedy certification.
  2. The entire installation, joints, etc. should be accessible for inspection and test. All fluorescent lamps, transformers, current consuming gadgets and other similar devices which by their design introduce a low resistance between lines, or between lines and earth, should be disconnected for inspection. Single pole switches should be left partially opened so as to allow an electrical probe access to their terminals.
  3. The electrical wiring installation must be completed before submission of the application to the Electrical Division.
  4. This application form must be thoroughly completed before submission to the Electrical Division.
  5. The Fixed portion of the inspection fee must be paid prior to inspection. The per point charge and any other charges for reinspection are to be paid prior to certificate issue.

Schedule of Inspection Fees

Installation Type Fees
Domestic Installations: Fixed charge: EC$10.00
PLUS charge per point EC$1.00
Commercial Installations with under 16 Electrical Points: Fixed charge: EC$15.00
PLUS charge per point EC$1.50
Commercial Installation with over 15 Electrical Points, Hotel and Industrial Installations: Fixed charge: EC$20.00
PLUS charge per point EC$2.00
Other Installations with under 16 Electrical Points: Fixed charge: EC$15.00
PLUS charge per point EC$1.50
Other Installations with over 15 Electrical Points: Fixed charge: EC$20.00
PLUS charge per point EC$1.50
Temporary Board Installations: Fixed charge: EC$15.00

Fixed charge to be paid in advance. Remainder payable prior to issue of certificate.


A 50% reduction of the above fees will be granted for any reinspection where, in the judgment of the electrical inspector, the fault(s) causing the reinspection are neither major nor multiple. Otherwise, fees for reinspection will be the same as indicated in the schedule above.

No reinspection fee will be charged in cases where the faults causing reinspection are of a subjective, judgmental or non-obvious nature, or where reinspection results from the error of an electrical inspector.

Any reinspection caused solely by fault(s) which, although existing during a previous test/inspection, was (were) never indicated in the fault report of that previous test/inspection, will be done free of charge. The onus of proof, however, shall remain with the applicant.

A 50% reduction of the schedule fees will be granted for all other routine tests and/or inspections (or reinspection) of unmodified electrical installations already certified by the Electrical Division, where such tests and/or inspection (or reinspections) are not undertaken for the purpose of issuing certificates.